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What Should I Share on Social Media?


One of the great things about Social Media is how vastly it has grown and become accepted in businesses. If you are not on social media, stop and sign up now. Decide which would be more suited for your business purposes or even personal branding. For example, if you are a photographer then Instagram and Pinterest would be more suitable. Check out these tips from @sujanpatel for what should be shared on your social media accounts.


Your Own Content


What better place to spread the word of your content than your own social media? Don’t feel that are you gloating or spamming others as they have the option to unfollow or unfriend you. Increase your reach by sharing quality content and in doing so, more and more people will catch notice. Work on establishing yourself as a thought leader in your industry and before you know it, people from all around the world who you have never met will be following you.


Curate others’


I am doing something right then? After reading this article on Entrepreneur, I thought to myself how simple yet great of an article this can be for the audience at Near Me. Curating articles from other experts is a great way to help boost your content but also point back to your business. In doing this, shows you are acknowledging the work of influencers but also keep up with the latest trends. Someone new today can be old tomorrow. Be sure to read, read, and read every day.


Lead Gen Offers


Why should people come visit your site rather than your competitors? What value can you bring to the table? Offer special promotions through your social media channels to drive visitors to your website. For example, offer a free eBook or consultation. Create specific landing pages for these offers to become trackable. As you offer these free items, be sure to capture emails to help generate more leads and bring them through your sales funnel. Now not all of them will want to purchase or join your services, but is good to gain some more traction.




Bring your company voice behind your social media accounts. This is your chance to take the “professionalism” part out of your marketplace and become appealing. Nobody wants to follow a robotic boring social account. Be lively by sharing stories and bring some humor as well. If you can get people to connect emotionally, chances are higher they will remember your marketplace.


“Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories that you tell.”

- Seth Godin




Share them as much as possible. Incorporate an image or video with each of your posts. Let’s be honest, we don’t read everything we come across on the internet. We simply stop when we see keywords or eye catching images. Invest in an account for royalty-free images such as Shutterstock. This can help spice up your visuals that range for any type of marketplace. Poor quality images are often overlooked, which will cause your posts to be overlooked as well.




Be social! The great thing about social media is all the wonderful and knowledgeable people you come across. Don’t be afraid to post questions you may need help with or are simply curious to learn about. You will be surprised with how many responses you get and even links that others will share. Now I am not saying believe every answer you get, but filter out and do more research to come to a conclusion.


The other side of asking questions is to help you improve your marketplace. Looking for feedback on what your audience or users like or dislike is a great way to generate conversation and traffic to your page. For example, Quora that is created to simply ask questions and find answers. Use your social media, more specifically Twitter, to ask your questions and serve as a help center.


Something Personal


Don’t act like a robot. Share things that are happening in your life or things that interest you. Being personal shows that you are human like the rest and can help create a special bond with your followers but more importantly trust.


“What makes you weird makes you unique and therefore makes you stand out.”

- Daniel Schawbel


Shoutout others


Don’t be selfish. While it is your personal account, acknowledge the work of others as well. We all love when our work is being noticed by others and that is exactly what you can use social media for. Repost, retweet, or share compelling articles you come across or that catches your eye along with a nice little shoutout. This will not only increase exposure for their work, but also gets your name out there when others see you interacting.


Whether you are running a personal or business account, these can all be applied in different ways. Get creative but more importantly create the identity for each account. Show the culture of your marketplace within your social media sharing and give your followers a behind the scenes perspective.


If you need help with your marketing efforts, feel free to reach out to our Marketing team!


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