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3 Ways To Help Prevent Your Startup From Failing

Starting a business is a scary thought for many people as there is big potential for failure. We only hear about the successful startups but what about the ones who fail? They become the lost wolf and are never heard from again. So how can I put myself in a position to succeed? Here are 3 simple ways to help keep your startup from failing.

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9 Predictions for Analytics

Analytics is the collection and interpretation of data patterns, which includes the use of computer programming, operations research and statistics. Organizations generally use analytics to quantify, predict and improve business performance, with specific areas of study that include the following:

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How Big Data Analytics Can Help Your Marketplace

Understanding your customers is very difficult, especially if you are unsure of what you are looking it. Are you using the right tools or obtaining the right analytics to create your strategy? In a recent Entrepreneur article, Andrew Medal shares his on big data analytics and how it can help you improve your strategy.

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How to Utilize Your Marketplace Analytics

The modern analytics package is quite robust, with more possibilities available than any one company can or should try to utilize at once. Aggregating big data is only the first step of the process. Let's take a look at some of the questions you should ask yourself to optimize your results.

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How Analytics Can Improve Your Marketing Strategy

Marketing in its essence is to foster creativity but in the more recent years it’s also playing the numbers game. Where are our leads coming from? What’s our CTR? Are people coming back for more and how do we do?

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5 Social Media Analytics You Should Be Tracking

Numbers are the driving force behind many things, especially your social media presence. Analytics is one of the driving force to establishing yourself as a thought leader in your industry. So what exactly should I be looking for?

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What Does A Successful Entrepreneur's Day Look Like?

One of the things that separates an entrepreneur from a successful entrepreneur can be boiled down to a single, beautiful word: routine. Successful entrepreneurs spend a great deal of time not learning how to do as much as they possibly can, but instead how to make every second count.

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8 Inspiring Entrepreneurs You Must Follow

Working as an entrepreneur is hard enough! An easy way to have your creative juices and motivation consistently flowing is by following the inspiring entrepreneurs of today. We’ve put together eight of the most influential entrepreneurs together to follow on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or just follow them in the news they bring. Let’s get into it.

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Why Effective Entrepreneurs Always Have a Contingency Plan

A major supplier closes shop. A change in tax law cuts your net revenue by tens of thousands a year. Your engineering team can't make a feasible model based on your vision. A competitor beats you to market. All of these are potential pitfalls an entrepreneur may face. The ones whose companies survive and thrive are the ones with effective contingency plans.

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