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The Life Of Startup Vs. Corporate

 The Life Of Startup Vs. Corporate

Living and working in the Bay Area gives you a closer perspective on the glamorous life of technology. At one end you’re amongst the likes of giants such as Apple, Google and Salesforce. On the other end you have hundreds of startups like us here at Near Me. Walking through the streets of San Francisco you see men and women in sharp suits mixed with millennials in flannels and jeans, all working professionals. 

Physically the differences are apparent but what is different career wise? Are they all working 9-to-5’s and have a cushy 401k? What about their personal lives? Children? Family? What do they do in their spare time? These are all questions that come to mind when you’re comparing the lifestyles of people in the corporate and startup workforce. 

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Corporate Life

There are many benefits from working at a corporation. For one, a corporation is stable and should hopefully have a steady stream of revenue. Aside from finances being in a corporation allows you to foster your specific skill set. If you’re in marketing, finance, or engineering you’re going to be working on projects that directly relate to your field.

Corporations are more structured and if you like growing vertically in your department it’s definitely the right place for you. 

Startup Life

Startups however are the younger, more erratic cousin of the corporation. With their casual atmosphere it may be hard for individuals to cut the times between work and personal life. This brings on the millennial mindset: work hard, play hard. In a typical startup office you’ll find a full snack bar, a ping pong table and pets passing by. This is meant to nourish the creative mindset and attract talent.

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A major difference in startups compared to a corporation is the type of work you perform. If you’re hired as a sales representative you do your work but you’re more than welcome to maybe help marketing with a creative plan for the upcoming campaign. Possibilities are endless and if you’re unsure of which path to take in your career possibly working at a startup can be a great place for answers. You are able to see what others do and find out what you like or what you are good at.

Both schools of business have extremely great benefits. In the end it’s about where you want to go. If it’s growing in your specific field maybe corporate is the way to go. If it’s worth it to see a business sprout from it’s roots while working long hours, go with the startup. 

Which one are you more cut out for?

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