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Let’s Get Visual: 3 Tips To Increase Leads


How can I get people’s attention to stop their busy lives to take time to look at what I have to offer? This is a question us marketers constantly ask ourselves when creating content and finding visuals. With competition getting tougher and new things constantly being created, businesses tend to get lost in the shuffle. How can I get an edge? Check out these 3 tips to help increase leads by getting visual.


Social media


If your business is not on social media then you are already behind. Businesses all across the globe are leveraging social media to share with their audience and customers. Some are even using it as a customer support or service channel. The various ways in which social media can be used is very powerful.


As you incorporate social media into your marketing strategy, keep in mind you must uses images. Every blog post should be associated with an image, tweets, promotions, etc. should all have a visual attachment or it will simply get lost in the shuffle. Take twitter for example. New tweets are constantly being posted and without an image it will simply look like any other regular tweet. Give your posts an eye catching advantage that will make people want to stop and look what you have to offer.


Shoutout your customers


Whether you sell shoes or offer web services, anyone can do this. As people create buzz around your business by posting picture and writing reviews, share it! There is nothing better than real life people sharing experiences with your company. This helps create authenticity and lets others know that actually care about them. Reward them by sharing their instagram post or tweet. Personally, I love when my post it shared by companies. It helps keep my business and stay loyal to them.


As you dive into content that others are sharing about you, don’t shy away from negativity as well. Be open to reaching out and resolving the issue. This is what will help bring your company to that next level. With responsive and great customer support, you can leave your competition in the dust.


Create a video


How will people know what your company is all about? Create a video to share with others to highlight your services, products, etc. Get people excited to work with you by posting a video on your website and across your various channels. If you don’t have the expertise to do so, there are many services such as Fiverr to help solve your issue. Don’t be afraid to outsource as we are apart of the Sharing Economy!


The video does not need to show every step of the process but simply highlight a few main points that will distinguish you from your competitors. If your company offers free shipping while other companies are charging $20, then that is something you should highlight in your video. Create various videos varying in time, content, and highlights. Switch them around on your various channels to give your audience a new look. Our eyes will just tune things out if they are something we say on a daily basis.


As you continue to work on enhancing your marketing strategy, stay patient. Increasing your leads is a long process and especially getting quality leads. Incorporating these 3 tips are a step in the right direction to spark some buzz around your business.


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