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How to Gain Attention from Influencers on Twitter


Twitter has become a great tool for businesses to use but how do you get noticed by influencers and interact with the big names of the industry? It’s not rocket science, and @dknowlton1 from @CMIcontent shares some of his personal secrets on how to gain attention from influencers on Twitter.

Feature influencers in blog posts


If you are not producing blogs and creating new content, then you are already a step behind. Twitter has grown to be a great place to share, retweet, like, and simply tweet out content for free. How can you get someone who has tens of thousands of followers to notice your post? Simply, feature them in a blog post. Write about a trending or controversial topic that an influencer has posted about. Mention and tag them in your tweet to let them know they are part of your article but make sure it is personalized. If they like what they read, more than likely they will share it with their audience which can instantly boost your reach as well.


What’s the worst that can happen? The influencer does not respond or retweet your post? Well you have created an awesome blog post for your business and shared it with your followers to add more value to your name. Still in a more positive situation than you were prior to creating the blog post.


Send direct video tweets


“Likes” and “retweets” happen quite often, especially if you are a very well known influencer in your industry. People come to rely on your content to get their daily dose. They are bombarded with notifications throughout the day so how can you make your message stand out from the crowd? The answer is to be different and make yourself stand out. In this particular article, @dknowlton1 has come up with sending direct video tweets to influencers acknowledging their works and he has gotten quite a few responses.


Send a boomerang


Do you ever see those looping videos that people post all the time? Well yeah, that’s what a boomerang is. The app simply takes a burst of photos and loops them together creating a “boomerang” or more commonly known as a GIF. This goes back on the previous tip of sending direct video tweets and getting creative. Sending a boomerang shows your influencers you actually took the extra step to get noticed and aren’t just using some sort of automation to reach out to people. You never know, it can be just what a person needs to brighten up their day.


Create an influencer list


Your Twitter feed can get filled up pretty quick and it is hard to sort out what content is more useful than the others. This is why creating a list is so helpfult. As you follow more influencers and come across new ones, simply add them to one of your lists. Organization of your Twitter account is key from the start to make things easier down the line as your followers and following increases. Having a designated list for your influencers can help you always see their tweets, enabling an easier interaction with them. The more you engage with an influencer, the more likely you are to get a response and increase your social reach.


Share influencers’ content with tags


Now that you have created an influencer list, share their content! As you retweet and tag influencers, it will notify them with your actions but more importantly shows that are you are supporting them. People love it when they are being supported by others, especially one who is doing it on a consistent basis. Tag them using their @ handle when sharing to ensure more visibility. I write blogs on a weekly basis and love it when someone retweets or shares my blogs. It shows that someone out there actually takes the time to acknowledge my work. Influencers are human beings as well, so they enjoy the love and recognition.


Try these different tips out and see what works for your account. You may get different results coming from a business and a personal account. Don’t be afraid to mix it up and think outside of the box. Get creative, be consistent, and give it your all to implement an effective strategy. Questions? Comments? Share them below with me and we can discuss more.


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