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Entrepreneur? 4 Marketplace Keys to Prosperity


An idea is abstract, but building a marketplace from the ground up is a concrete undertaking  made possible by our IT and marketing experts. There has never been a better time in history to be an entrepreneur. Whether you are a fashion buyer with dreams of launching your own clothing marketplace, or any other kind of business visionary, the technology is now aligned to make your idea possible.

What if you could work for yourself one day?

Many people work day jobs because they need to pay the bills. Some may find their work rewarding, but most dread going into an office or working for “the man.” Quitting a job to become a full-fledged business owner might not be the best solution at first. If you have dreams of starting a marketplace, begin by creating a business plan and start on your days off or lunch break. It may take years before a business is profitable, but the thought of one day having your own business can be just the right amount of hope.

Being small isn’t necessarily a bad thing

At first you might handle everything solo, but over time, you’ll need to invest in people to help expand your vision. Running a startup has its ups and downs but it is a refreshing contrast to bureaucracy and micromanagement more common in corporations. Promote innovation from within by encouraging employees to come to you with ideas. Be approachable in meetings, either group or one-on-one.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained

Many entrepreneurs will tell you that taking risks is essential for a chance at success. “Nothing ventured nothing gained” as they say. But how do you know if the risk you’re taking is a smart one? Near Me began with its first Marketplace customer, Desks Near Me 3 years ago and expanded its reach to include a range of businesses since.  Of course if was a risk to invest time, money and resources into the idea that an online platform could facilitate business growth. Years later, however, an entirely new set of entrepreneurs are managing their marketplaces thanks to a comprehensive feature-set and Administration interface and back-end support from top-notch engineers.  They've solved extremely complex problems for multi-step payment gateway integration and the hair-pulling problems that only come from experiencing the pain and finding the solution.

Celebrate your achievements

One thing that motivates employees to excel is the promise of a celebration to reward their efforts. Taking a breather in between projects to spend time together is great incentive. This is especially true in the tech world. Being glued to a computer for most of the day can be draining. Go out for lunch, play some music and appreciate those around you.   

Starting a business is exciting. Tapping into the technology to build a marketplace and you’re off to a great start. So much of our lives is complemented by digital interactions these days, so the switch to online storefronts in a natural one with high revenue potential. Helping entrepreneurs launch their marketplace is why we get up in the morning. What’s your idea for a marketplace? Comment below and we’d be happy to steer you in the right direction!

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