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3 Things Every Entrepreneur Needs to Understand


Entrepreneur’s are appearing left and right, especially if you are in the Bay Area or Silicon Valley. New businesses are being established while some have succeeded while many have failed. So how can I be on the successful side? In a recent Forbes article, Jules Schroeder shares 3 things every entrepreneur needs to understand to help increase your success.


Enjoy What You Do

Many people feel obligated to go to college, get a degree, and stuck with a job in that field. While in a perfect world we would earn a degree in something we really enjoy but that is not the case. Pursue a career in something that truly makes you happy. It may be something you are really good and enjoy doing it. It will take time to figure that out but writing it down on paper will help put more perspective in your mind. What are things you good at? What are things you enjoy? As you create your list, think of possible career paths that may fit.


Don’t become one of those people who simply go to college, earn a degree, and realize 10 years later how much they hate their jobs. Take the time to understand what you want to do as an entrepreneur and set those goals with realistic timelines.


Know Your Strengths

We all want to be the best at everything but in reality we can’t. Specialization has much higher demand than someone who is below average at multiple things. Know your strengths and capitalize on them. Spend your time mastering your craft and never stop learning. It is common to become complacent but you must push through to become stronger.

Forget your weaknesses; identify what your natural strengths are and work on developing them to a level of mastery.”

- Jules Schroeder

Accept Outsourcing

Let’s face the facts, you can’t do everything on your own. Understand what is “worth” your time by calculating your hourly wage for yourself. If doing tasks such as monitoring social media or editing your website does not add up, then accept outsourcing. It will be much cheaper for a marketplace owner to use a service such as Writer Access or Fiverr to get those tasks completed.


As an entrepreneur you will have much bigger tasks at hand that take more precedent over others. While everything that molds your marketplace together is important, you will have to prioritize as new things come up. Don’t get flustered, simply take a deep breath and keep focus on your end goals.


Becoming an entrepreneur will be a daily battle that you must be willing to fight. There will be days where you want to give up and become discouraged but knowing the opportunity for success can help you overcome those thoughts. The successful entrepreneurs are often talked about but how about the ones that have failed? You may learn a thing or by reaching out to one of them to get a better perspective.


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