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What We Learned From Running A Facebook Ad


In last week's blog, 6 Steps to Creating a Facebook Ad, I covered what  I hope were useful tips for your marketplace. As I ran the campaign back in May for a 2-week period, this was our first one of the year. We wanted to use this as a benchmark moving forward so we created it to be a simple “Like our Page” campaign. Let’s go ahead and see how our investment went.




As we narrowed down our demographics to Men and Women ages 35-65+, we were able to compare the different segments to help with our future campaigns. Women had the edge, comprised of 59% of our page likes along with 41% being Men. This grabbed our attention as it shows how the shift is being made with the women population growing in the tech industry. Our average cost per like for women was $1.18 and for men, $1.21. As we had a large population from the women, we were able to drop the cost per result.


Age segments divided into 4 subdivisions:

              35-44                                                                    45-54                                                                   55-64      

          Men: 18%                                                            Men: 16%                                                           Men: 7%

       Women: 22%                                                    Women: 22%                                                  Women: 15%







So how did our ad perform within the various placements on Facebook? This came as a bit of a surprise as 98% of our likes came from Mobile News Feeds whereas, Desktop News Feed was 0%, and Desktop Right Column was 2%. We presumed it would be more of a 60-40 split but definitely not mobile dominant. This reinforces the dominance of being mobile and how vital it is to have that option for your customers.


As for ads in the news feeds, that did not come as much of a surprise as many of us just scroll through without paying much attention. I have to admit our display image was simple and not the most eye catching but gave us a good starting point. The desktop right column was not as strong as we hoped but still gave us a 2% response.






Were the Facebook ads worth it? Well that has yet to be fully determined but we are able to say that our goal was accomplished with about a 42% increase of likes to our page, but more importantly, an increase in our reach by over 400%. Our ads displayed for 5,400 people across our target market. This was a huge improvement as it catches the eyes of many more potential customers.


As a smaller scale business, the ultimate goal is to gain a new customer but if that fails, then at least you have increased your brand reputation. The more people who know about your product, the higher the chances are of landing a new customer. While you must be smart about choosing your target market to ensure you are reaching the right clients.




Now that you have more insight on 6 Steps to Creating a Facebook Ad and the results from our own, it is time to go out and create one! Be sure to layout all your objectives and benchmark numbers to keep track of what needs to be adjusted. Have fun with it and be creative with your images and context! Feel free to comment below with any questions! Good luck!

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