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What Outsourcing Services do we use at Near Me?


Is there ever enough time in one day? Many of us run into this problem and get so busy with others tasks that we push it off. Well luckily for us, we live in the time of the collaborative economy! With hundreds if not thousands of marketplaces out there to help with your projects or tasks to get the job done. Here at Near Me, we like to experiment with different services to see how and what we can leverage to grow our marketplace. So far, we have come across these 3 great services that are known as Fiverr, Growth Geeks, and Writer Access. Now what exactly do they all do? Well I am here to share with you exactly that and a little about our experiences with them.


If you are looking for digital services such as video & animation, graphic design, digital marketing, programming & tech, and many other great services then @Fiverr should be your go to! Services range in price depending on the needs of your task that could be as cheap as $5 and up to $500. For small businesses like us, this is a great marketplace to use to get something done with a limited staff. The best part is, you simply send an overview of what you need done and within 1 week it’s back! No headaches or hassles watching youtube videos on how to create an animation or learn to photoshop and layer pictures.

For our particular project, we needed whiteboard animation video completed. While some of us either didn’t have the time or expertise to do it, we wasted no time with finding someone on Fiverr. Our man Joel, who gladly took on our task and exceeded our expectations.

Growth Geeks

Are you struggling to complete your marketing efforts or simply lacking that one extra piece? Well @growth_geeks is great as they cover many aspects such as social media, inbound content, seo, and paid ads. While we do all that ourselves here at Near Me, we decided to utilize their infographic design which is designed to help drive more traffic to your website. As similar to Fiverr, you simply sign up, give a description of what you want included, and then a draft is created. After you can make any comments or adjustments needed for the final revision. This simple and easy to use service was great as it saved our employees lots of time to work on more important aspects of our marketing strategy.

Our particular infographic highlighted the 4 P’s to Help You Hack the Collaborative Economy. With this being our first month using it, we wanted something very straight forward to help emphasize the collaborative economy and how important they are for potential entrepreneurs. These are essentials to keep in mind and get you started on the right foot.


Content, content, content! That is one of the biggest keys to success for your marketplace. If you are struggling to create blogs or do not have the staff for it, @WriterAccess is great to fill those voids. With the emphasis on content marketing, they are able to provide services such as writers, editors, translators, and even content strategists. Startups especially need to have a big emphasis on content marketing to help build SEO and put their name on the map. With over 20k customers, 14k writers, and payment transaction of $20m, it’s hard to overlook them. They have been doing great things and we were lucky enough to have @Byronwhite on to discuss his 20 years of experience creating content and starting successful business (Episode #63).

After scrolling through various writers, we ended up working with Lindsay who has been great for us. She has come back with work that was exactly what we were looking for and now is our go to person for fill in blogs. While there are many great writers, simply search using keywords relating to what your industry can help narrow down the choices to whom you want to use. Each writer has a profile that is public to scan and see reviews as well. It’s great to see before you make your final decisions.

While these are just the 3 outsourcing marketplaces we use here at Near me, there are plenty of others. Do some research to find what works best for your marketplace needs and fill the gaps that are needed. If you would like to hear more about our experiences or simply need guidance with your marketing efforts, feel free to comment below!


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