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What Makes the Ideal Marketplace Client?

What Makes the Ideal Marketplace Client?

If you’re thinking of building a marketplace but want to work with a platform provider there are many options to choose from. When you’ve found the right company to work with or are the one looking for a client, there are some characteristics you want to lookout for.
This person or team will be representing your work so make sure it’s someone you can get along with and trust. Here are some qualities we at
Near Me look for in a client and you should too!


Having patience is definitely a virtue. When you’re trying to build the next empire it’s easy to try to get everything up and running as soon as possible, it’s your dream so you don’t want to wait. What many people fail to see or ignore is that it takes a lot of back and forth, with many different players to achieve completion.

Being able to understand a timeline and  know that it is not going to be completed over night is a quality not everyone is capable of. Rome wasn’t built in a day! So be aware of your timeline but also have patience because everyone will be working hard and you ARE all on the same team.

Being adaptable

Success is never a straight line up. It staggers and falls back sometimes. Let’s say your company has an amazing idea for a marketplace and halfway into building it you realize that there is a shift in taste or a new competitor that just entered the market. Be able to move with these changes but also stay true to the core values of your company.

Stubbornness will not get you very far and as much as you want to maintain your vision, it’s a push and pull. Sometimes the unwanted changes you had to make work out to create a greater benefit for you in terms of lead generation or team building.

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Understand the role of money

At the end of the day this is a business transaction. You are paying for a trustworthy company to take the reigns on building your marketplace so understand the role money plays. This does not mean that the check is all anyone wants but create something that your company is proud of and can represent your company while offering ongoing services for you!

Tension can arise when the topic of money comes up. So to avoid the awkward conversation of “Where is my check?” less awkward simply prepare what you agreed on. Just a couple things: pay on time and know that you are paying for what you are getting, which is ideally the work of your dreams and nothing short.


This last one is definitely the most important. Without passion, none of the other topics we covered will mean anything. The biggest characteristic we, or any platform provider, looks for is passion. Passion in the sense that you know and understand what you are making/providing and you are carrying your heart with it. Clients who are willing to commit 110% to their business is the tell-tale sign that they are going to make it.

Having passion not only brings fire to your team but also to whomever you surround yourself with. Everyone can feed off the passion and make others more motivated to work with you. Passion also entails that you know the ins and outs of your marketplace, know your audience,  and know exactly where you see your marketplace in 5-10 years. This is the vision you have to share with your team in order to succeed.

These four characteristics are definitely what anyone looks for in a client, employee, partner, etc… If you’re struggling right now, check out this blog about obstacles and how to overcome them.

Any questions or comments for our team members? Comment below or simply shoot us a tweet @NearMeCo!


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