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Is President Donald Trump Good For The Sharing Economy?

Although Donald Trump has a serious amount of political decorum to learn before inauguration day, he might already have answers to benefit the sharing economy in the four years to come.

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Sharing Economy Under Attack In UK

The sharing economy has suffered a huge blow as a UK Employment Tribunal has ruled that Uber drivers should be considered employees. This decision qualifies them for benefits, the national minimum wage, paid rest periods, and holiday pay. While this sounds nice, it presents a fundamental problem with the way government understands platform technology.

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Wake Up Eugene! New Study Confirms the Benefits of Ride-Sharing

In a new study released by the W. P. Carey School of Business, Arizona State University researchers Li, Hong, and Zhang prove that ride-sharing is in fact reducing traffic congestion quite significantly.

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Ubernomics: Defy Traditional Economics and Accelerate Value Creation

Most of us are familiar with Uber, the on-demand ridesharing service that facilitates one million daily rides. But what is it about the company that’s made us so excited to forget about taxis? According to financial analyst Barbara Gray, Uber’s success grew out of its community-building marketplace structure.

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Jettly Brings Air Travel to the Sharing Economy

Ever wanted to fly like a movie start or head of state? Now you can with Jettly, a startup that allows private pilots to fill empty seats on their flights and share expenses with public passengers.

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Is the Sharing Economy Good or Bad?

The Sharing Economy has grown vastly in the last decade and many companies are adapting to this new style of business. Take for example Airbnb or Uber who have become the leaders in their industries solely based on sharing, but is it a good or bad thing? 

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Social Media Can Help Land Dream Paying Jobs, Buyers and Sellers

I am very inspired by social media and technology. I recently blogged for Virgin about how much I love technology for providing me the ability to build and maintain mutually beneficial relationships. Social media at its core is just an awesome form of technology that is shaped by the human touch. 

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CJ Todd Discusses Youth Sports and the Sharing Economy

In a previous article, I introduced my ideas for how the sharing economy could make youth sports more accessible to low income kids. The article became so popular that I was invited to be a guest on Huddlin' with the Pros sports talk radio to share my take on the potential benefits of introducing peer-to-peer exchange to mainstream sports.

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The Digital Economy and Sharing Economy Collaborate

I come from an extensive digital marketing background, but now find myself  immersed in the Sharing Economy.  Most peer-to-peer marketplaces that the Sharing Economy is based on, such as Airbnb and Uber, are easily accessed  online. Digital and (electronic) ecommerce and (mobile) m-commerce sites are thriving and that enables an entirely new level of sharing.

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