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Should the Aftermarket Automotive Industry Adapt a Marketplace?


Growing up as a kid my father worked in the car business, so naturally cars stuck with me as well. I remember being dragged to the car dealership with him on the weekends to help make sure all the cars were locked and lined up properly. I thought to myself, why does this all need to be done? Little did I know at the time this was part of the upcomings of working in the sales department.

As I grew older, I found myself working my first job at a car dealership under my father to earn some extra summer cash. Everything was second nature to me as I practically lived around cars already. My love for cars quickly grew and next thing I knew I was performing modifications myself on cars. There was just something about it that I loved and ran with it. It started with one modification here then here and next thing I knew I had poured thousands of dollars into the car, but was never completely satisfied. It’s tough for those young adults like me who were car enthusiasts but simply could not afford new parts due to pricing. All I could afford was buying second, or even third hand parts which sometimes was not the best idea considering they would not last as long.

After working in the Automotive industry for almost 9 years, I thought to myself it is time to get out and pursue work in the field of my degree. I was fortunate enough to land a Marketing Internship here at Near Me which has taught me this whole new industry of marketplace platforms and the sharing economy. I’ll be honest, I didn’t know what either of those terms meant when I started but now they are a part of my everyday vocabulary. Working around all these marketplaces that provide these services or are able to rent, sell, or buy this product is truly great for the economy.

Not forgetting about my true roots, I thought to myself, “How can I incorporate cheaper but new car parts within a marketplace? While there are other sites such as Craigslist and ebay that can provide similar services, having one strictly for car parts is hard to come by. With car parts coming out every year and car designs changing every 4-5 years, lots of manufacturers and car shops have parts just sitting in their warehouse that are losing value day by day.

It is time for the aftermarket automotive industry to leverage the sharing economy into their favor and maximize their profits. Many different companies produce aftermarket parts to upgrade the factory ones such as @Burgertuning, @Dinancarsdotcom, and @Recaro. These companies are trying to keep up with demands but also balance not creating too many parts to reduce waste or leftover parts. So what can a marketplace do for parts that do not get purchased?

If companies have their parts that were made say last year or the year before and still have not been able to sell them, creating a marketplace to sell them at a discounted rate would help still help generate some revenue instead of just having the parts collect dust. As I stated above, my love for cars started as a kid. There are hundreds of thousands of kids around the world just like the position I was in not being able to afford brand new parts. Creating this marketplace would open up a new range of target market that would help, not only kids, but others purchase parts at a discounted rate. Although some parts are the “old models” they are still brand new in box.

For example, if Dinan had an exhaust system for a 2014 BMW M3 that has been sitting in their storage, they can then list the product as brand new but maybe for 35 or 40% of the original value. Even though it is 2016, many people still own that model and look to purchase upgrades. With the product already being outdated within 2 years, costs have already been accounted for so might as well try to gain some profits back instead of just throw it in the recycle bin, trash, or even just in the warehouse.

Marketplaces are becoming a big part of the economy and the automotive industry must gain traction as soon as possible (no pun intended). If you are coming from an automotive background then you will understand how big the community really is. For some people cars are just to get from A to B, but for others it is a huge part of their lives. Creating a marketplace for the automotive community to list, buy, and sell parts along with educational articles would be a great thing for businesses. While there are online forums and other web pages that have similar features none have the capabilities to handle payment gateways. Feel free to comment below with any questions or if you simply want to learn more about how a marketplace can further benefit the aftermarket automotive industry.

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