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Should I be Using an Image or Video for Facebook Ads?


Are you using Facebook to help promote your business? Many startups, are leveraging social media to increase their presence in each industry. For us at Near Me, we continue to experiment with running different campaigns and see what works best. Luckily for everyone else, we like to share our finds to help minimize your mistakes!


In case you missed our previous blogs on, What We Learned From Running A Facebook Ad and What We Learned From Running A Facebook Video Ad be sure to compare what works best for your specific marketplace.




Both ads had a positive end result overall but our image was almost half the cost per like of the video. Our target demographic was fairly broad as we looked to target men and women from the ages 18-64. Our goal was to reach as many people as possible to increase our presence on Facebook. The images below display a higher response rate of men for our video ad, whereas the Image generated more likes from women. Interesting case as my implications were the opposite going into this campaign.



Video Ad: Cost per Result $1.27



Image Ad: Cost per Result $0.65




How well did our ads do? The image ended up with a cheaper cost per result, so it only made sense it received more page likes as Facebook takes the total average from each ad. With 260 more page likes, our image almost had a 5% higher result rate. While we were able to reach over 15K people with both ads running, we hope to have made a positive impact. After gaining over 700 new likes, our engagement has gone up as well. It was simply a numbers game as previously, we did not have big enough reach for people to come across our content. 



Video Ad: 243 Page Likes



Image Ad: 493 Page Likes


Which one is the winner?


In our particular case, the image had a higher ROI. If you are on the brink of running your first ad campaign, simply figure out your target market and begin with an image. Create something that is appealing to the eye. I know if i come across one, unless it appeals to my current mood I simply scroll on by. That is the challenge we as Marketers face in order to appeal to our target market. It is just not about what we market but also when as well. Keep in mind, videos use more data to watch than just an image. Many people no longer have unlimited data so why use it on an ad? I know I certainly don’t..


As you continue to experiment and look for new ways to jumpstart your marketing, using ads can become quite costly. Test your different buyer personas to see which ones are getting the better responses through Facebook ads. Oh and don’t forget, be sure to put a cap on your daily budget or it may be used all in one day.


If you have any questions or need further assistance feel free to reach out to our Marketing team for your needs!


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