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The Best Ways to Improve Conversions for E-commerce Stores

E-commerce game is pretty simple: companies need to get as many conversions as they can as it  provides sales and profits. While this plan sounds easy in theory, getting the needed amount of conversions is much more difficult in practice.

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Topics: E-commerce

Draw Millennials to Your Growing Business

Us millennials are always getting a bad rap for the reputation of being entitled or unaware, luckily that stigma is changing and we as a generation are being more understood everyday. Regardless of what you think of Generation X, Y or Z the true of the matter is: WE ARE THE FUTURE.

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Topics: Business

3 Steps to a Winning Email Marketing Strategy

How often did you check your email today? Twice? Three times? 34% of Americans say they check their email constantly throughout the day. So it makes perfect sense to build your brand within your audience's inbox.

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Topics: Email Marketing

What Are Keys to Creating A Successful Marketplace Platform?

Are you looking to create a Marketplace but not sure how? I am here to share 5 keys to help launch a successful marketplace platform from our experiences.

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Topics: Marketplace

How to Overcome the 4 Hardest Problems of a Marketplace Platform

Marketplace platform owners struggle with unique challenges, different from any other business. Because marketplaces are two sided, it means that platforms have two sets of customers -- buyers and sellers -- and essentially must adopt two growth strategies. 

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Topics: Marketplace, Growth

Is Your Sales and Marketing Team Actually a Team?

Sales and marketing has always been a combination that’s worked closely together. Many teams deal with similar clients and of course have the same ultimate goal, lockdown the client.

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Topics: Marketing, Sales

4 Email Marketing Services to Ignite Your Marketplace Platform

When it comes to marketing your product or service, delivering targeted content directly to a user's inbox is the most cost-effective and conversion-rich approach. It allows you to open a channel of trust and communication with your target audience.

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Topics: Marketplace, Marketing, Email Marketing

Make Social Media “Human” Again!

There is plenty of noise on social media and often times I question whether I am interacting with a real human or is just a bot?  Who do I respond to? Or do I even respond to them? This shift towards automation has created a negative impact on how we use social media. So what should I do? Join those who are here to make social media human again.

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Topics: Social Media

3 Inbound Marketing Strategies to Increase Leads

How can I get more leads for my sales team? I know many bosses who are very quota driven and your jobs depend on it. How are companies able to strictly rely on inbound marketing to bring in leads? In a recent Forbes article written by Joe Escobedo 3 inbound marketing strategies are revealed to help increase leads. Let’s dig in and see how you can improve your leads!

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