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How to Get Sales and Marketing to Coexist


Are you having trouble getting your sales and marketing teams to work together? Well you are not the only one. It is often difficult to get people to work together, let alone teams. The blame game starts to happen and fingers start to get pointed.
Now that’s not a healthy way to run your marketplace. If you can get sales and marketing to coexist, it will make you and the rest of your company a much happier place to be. Now how exactly do we do that? Well here are 4 important and easy tips to help get started.   

Move them together


Now this may sound easy enough right? Simply putting your teams in the same room or moving their desks closer together can help improve chemistry. Not only does it make it easier to share information with one another, but it builds a bond outside of work as well. Small talk such as “How was your weekend?” or “What are your plans for the holiday?” helps create a trust between people and really get to know your colleagues. Many of us have a natural tendency to talk to whomever is next to us, especially if you are a salesman or marketer. We love to talk and share with others. The more time you spend with someone and the more you get to know them, the sooner your team will become one unit.


I know what you’re thinking, it can also ruin a team as well. Not everyone will like each other in your company, but being around one another can either make or break that bond. If you are having trouble, why not switch it up? Remember when you were little and after a fight with your siblings your parents would force you to apologize to each other and talk again? Well this can work with your team members as well. They simply must deal with it or they may not be suitable for your overall team culture.


Daily Communication


Did you ever play sports when you were a kid or in high school? Coaches constantly preached to talk your teammates and have each others back. Well this goes the same for any work environment really. If your marketing initiatives do not line-up with your sales initiatives, then the likelihood of success is very unlikely. Be sure your teams communication on a daily basis to give updates on leads, special offers, and more importantly status of current customers.


It can get confusing if one salesperson offers this price while another is charging the same person twice the amount, or a marketer is offering only a 10% special? Get your teams to communicate on a daily basis. Doing this will shorten the times of your meetings and before you know it, the teams will be running like one nice oiled machine.


Set Goals


Many people work better when they have a goal in mind or target they must hit. Now I am not saying make a quota standard but simply a target your team is shooting for. Whether that is increase sales by 5% each month or increase leads by 10%. Having this in mind will help motivate your team and strive together. If one person is not doing their part, be sure to help give them a boost and be there for each other.


As your team strive to reach those goals, don’t forget to reward them as well. Take them out for lunch or let them go home early once in a while (as long as their work is done of course). It is important to keep a positive relationship with everyone as the goal is for your team to WANT to work with you, not HAVE to work with you.


Weekly Meetings


I know a few companies that have meetings every morning but that may be a bit excessive depending on your industry. Holding meetings on a weekly basis can help update everyone on the team with their progress and leads. This is the time to bring up any concerns or changes that need to be made in order to move forward. Meetings may take long the first couple times but as your team gets in the flow of it, times will be cut in half. A big piece of advice I would have it to create an agenda beforehand. Understand what topics and initiatives should be brought up to your team to help keep the confusion to a minimum. Jumping topic to topic can get people lost easily, so having an agenda in front of everyone can benefit the overall meeting.


Now that I have shared with you a few tips that help us here at Near Me, try it out with your marketplace. Don’t be afraid to put the hammer down a bit on your teams to help speed up the process. Just remember to think long term and success does not happen overnight!


If you are looking for some help with your Marketing efforts, contact us today!


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