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How to Dominate Social Media Marketing in 2017


Social media’s growth has no end in site. New platforms are being created by talented teams from L.A. to Polland. With all of these choices, how will you manage to pick the most beneficial ones to use for your brand? Here are six trends Jayson DeMers sees in our near future:


Snapchat Takeover


In just over five years Snapchat (now Snap) has gone from the uncensored picture hub to a company recognized by all generations for their filters and quick stories. The company has collaborated with huge companies like CNN and MTV, they successfully incorporate pop culture to their platform that lets them evolve as fast and news changes. The in-the-moment streaming helps bring a more focused view to the younger crowd of users and now with more options like messaging and the world view options, there’s much more we can expect from Snap in 2017.


To Tweet or not to Tweet?


Easy come, easy go. Will 2017 be the end of Twitter’s reign in as one of the top social media platforms? Some have been predicting the end of this era for a while. If or when Twitter will fall in the ranks is not clear but there is a theme arising in the cyber world: more content. Twitter’s main point is to send a concise message in less than 140 characters but we want more! As nice as it is to skim through a quick message during your morning commute, people are craving for more information and getting the details of a story. The idea of less spam and more valuable content is turning the minds of this generation.


Real Time Point-of-View


People are more and more on the go so it’s no wonder why the use of social TV is increasing. People can stream Youtube and Netflix videos on the go. As this increases so does real-time footage like “Facebook Live” which has become more popular to everyday users in the last few months. There is some sort of gratification when you’re watching someone live their life right when you are living yours. Video streaming and producing is what you want to be at the head of so try to increase your Youtube presence or do livestreams of your company getting down to work! This will create a closer bond with your audience without actually meeting them.


Ad Shift


As social media popularity increases, so will the ad space. People are gravitating towards social media to pass their time so it’s the perfect space for businesses to show their goods. As this competition rises companies like Snap, Twitter and Instagram will have to find new and innovative ways to let companies spread the word. The work into this can pay off in new leads or clients.




Emotional and practically driven posts raise awareness and bring a certain type of feeling to the viewer but what is increasingly favored are posts that are just simply nice to look at. Showing that there is an artistic side, or capability to be artistic could reach more people. Uploading a picture that’s artistic in nature gives the viewer less pressure to buy anything giving them a more comfortable feeling towards the company.


Funneling Down


Companies are currently dipping their feet into whatever platform they get their hands on. In 2017 we may see a large shift in that businesses will be cutting some expenses off and really focusing on one or two platforms that best suit their brand. It really will be the survival of the fittest.


These are just a few trends that DeMers foresees in the upcoming year. Let’s keep an eye out! Of course you don’t have to follow all of these trends, it’s whatever works for you and your brand. Happy (almost) New Year!


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