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How to Create a Blog to Increase Marketplace Leads


Words are currency. Use them effectively and you’ll reap the benefits of establishing yourself as a thought leader within your industry. The first step? Start a business blog. Here’s how.


Chose an Engaging Topic


If you find a topic interesting and enjoy putting in your two cents, then the reader will pick up on that and want to read your content. Sometimes, you can spice up your writing with unexpected angles and make connections that support your main point. Controversy never hurts either. If there is a hot topic trending the news related to your industry, find a way to spin a story worthy of the debate. Why? Because people love stories. They love stories that paint a picture. You know your topic, but your reader might not, so create content using specific details, concise language and a strong voice.


There are lots of ways you can tell stories in your blog. Use analogies or a unique quote. Reference your favorite film, book or thought leader if that illuminates your blog


Connect with your Audience


If you told me a year ago that I would have published 100 articles online, gathering an audience of thousands of people, I wouldn’t have believed you. If you want exposure for your writing and business insights, creating a strong blog presence is indispensable. Writing for a blog will not only sharpen your industry knowledge, whatever your industry may be, but it will give you a platform on which to share your opinions and expertise as you learn all about your industry. You’ll get noticed!


  • To become an expert in your industry
  • To develop a strong online presence
  • Inform about news within your industry
  • Write How To articles with useful tips


Purpose: Subtle Selling Copy


We know what makes up a blog post, but what is the purpose of writing our blog? This isn't a personal blog we're writing, but ultimately we are writing subtle sales copy.


Maybe you already write a blog about your personal life, or are an expert in a particular field and enjoy sharing. Great! You already have the skillset to set off on this new writing journey. A business blog is a more targeted way to connect with new and existing customers, but you want to avoid coming across as salesy.


Have a conversational tone


We all have those moments of writing long, flowery, verbose sentences that seem really creative and smart. The reader is reading online or on their Iphone, so stick to concise sentences and mix it up. If in doubt, read your article out loud. If it sounds like you’re talking to a friend, it’s great! If you aren’t sure, read a sentence back to yourself and ask, does this sounds like talking to a friend or giving a speech at an event? If it sounds like the former you’re on the right path.


Check out this blog for an example of controversy. 


Blog Templates


Here at Near Me we use Hubspot to schedule and post blogs, but Wordpress is another useful option that is much cheaper. If you chose us to build your marketplace, there is a blog feature a built-in which simplifies the process.




Divide your blog into categories to help readers find what they are looking for. If you look at the Near Me blog as an example, our most recent posts are on the right column. To help people find older articles, a “Posts by Topic” section is underneath. A blog is the single most effective way to drive quality social media traffic to your website, so figure out who your audience is and what topics will gain the most views.


Rome wasn’t built in a day. Likewise, creating a popular business blog takes time and a willingness to learn how to connect with an online audience. To get started try these tips and see where they take you. Who knows, you might become the next blog superstar!


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