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How to Conquer Distractions to Stay Focused


You’d be lying if you said you are never distracted whether working or going about life in general. Distractions are all around us and it is tougher to fight off some more than others. In this article written by Peter Daisyme (@peterdaisyme) published in Entrepreneur, he shares how to conquer distractions to help stay focused.


Our minds constantly wander and random thoughts pop in throughout the day. So much that we may forget thoughts from an hour ago. How can I avoid this? It’s quite simple, keep a notebook on you. Write it down then come back to it later. Get back to what you originally were doing and once you have finished that task, check your notebook again. While you may have other ideas throughout the day, your other work may be more important. It is best to keep a physical notebook, but with technology at the palm of our hands using the notepad features may work as well. The only issue is it can become distracting as your mind tends to wander off. If possible, carry an actual notebook with you.


Schedule device use

Okay, I admit it, I am constantly using my iPhone or on social media. I mean it is part of my job? The only issue with that is, it can become quite distracting. What first starts off as 5 minutes can turn into 30 minutes and so forth. Discipline yourself and schedule a time to use your devices. Whether it is to respond to messages, social content or even email messages. They can wait and does not need to be checked right away. Creating a routine within your hours to check each one can help save time overall to get other more important tasks done.


Keep workspaces clean

I simply can’t stand a cluttered workspace. My mind gets distracted by the mess and becomes bothersome. Take the time to clean up your workspace to help steer away from distraction. It is just like starting a paper or an art piece, you must start with a clean slate.


Take breaks

I am definitely guilty of this. I like to keep myself busy so taking breaks seems to just throw off my concentration. Jumping from task to task is how I have always worked and breaks were rare with my previous jobs. Now that I am constantly in front of a computer screen, breaks are a must. Try to take 5-10 minute breaks in between tasks to regain focus and if you are in front of a screen like me, then your vision.


Stay positive

Growing up I would always hear “Stay positive and keep yourself around positive people.” As I got older, it started to make more sense as negative people simply waste time complaining and focus on other issues. The mental energy that is wasted can be put to much better use and improve productivity. While that doesn’t mean you can’t gossip once in awhile, keep it to a minimum. Positive thoughts lead to positive results.


Healthy routine

Your mind is a very powerful thing. If we tell ourselves we are tired mentally or physically, then we will be tired. By creating a healthier routine, you can work wonders for yourself. That does not necessarily mean just strictly eating what is on the food pyramid but to make the healthier choices in life. If you rely heavily on fast foods or frozen TV dinners then you often feel sluggish afterwards. Try switching it up to a more healthy diet by implementing a protein, carbs, and vegetables in every meal. I guarantee you will feel much better throughout your day instead of getting dragged down by the saturated fats. Don’t forget to exercise, drink plenty of water, and more importantly get rest. Your body needs to recover from the long days and getting 8 hours is ideal (even though most people are lucky to get 4-5 hours).


There is no way around distractions in life but learning how to manage them can be a game changer. We all know life happens and things happen that are out of our control but what is important is we control what we can in our lives. Focus your attention on projects that must be done prior to the deadlines and don’t let time take advantage of you but take advantage of time.


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