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How to Boost Your Marketplace Platform Brand on a Small Budget

How to Boost Your Marketplace Platform on a Small Budget

Why does everyone want to work for Google or Facebook? We often hear of the perks and how great it is to work there, but how do we really know? How can I get my marketplace platform brand to be talked about like them? It is possible with these 4 tips that will require lots of time and effort to bring your marketplace brand to the next level.

Be active on Social Media.

Does your company have social media pages such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.? These are great pages to share the culture of your company and really give the behind the scenes of the day to day. On the outside of things, your typical customer only sees your products or what services you have to offer.

Think of companies such as Apple, Google, LinkedIn. What do they all share? A cultural experience. From meals 3 times a day with unlimited snacks to glamorous office spaces. These little things make for a great working environment and ultimately keep your employees happy. I know if I had all the perks, I would be sharing it on my accounts for my friends and family to see.  

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Get on job site listings.

A great place to check out company reviews is Glassdoor. While the main functionality is for job searching, it allows employees to write reviews positive or negative, for others to see it. This helps gives more insight to those looking to land a job. The more positive things people see about your marketplace, the more likely they will want to become apart of the team.

When searching for a job, one of the main things people look for is culture. Is it a place they will fit in and enjoy working for?

While having a job is a blessing to begin with, many look for more of a fun type working environment. A place where you can grab a drink with your coworkers after work and really enjoy each other’s company.

Let your employees share!

Nothing is more real than employees sharing their own experiences with your company. At the end of the day, if they are happy where they are working then good news will spread. Whether it is a company event to help raise money or bring your kids to work day. All the little things can help spread your marketplace brand. The more shared and talked about your company is, the higher the reach is.

Having special employee appreciation days or simply take your team out for lunch. Create opportunities to connect with everyone on a deeper level. For me, having a connection with my officemates and more importantly my boss is huge as development for the company and me as a person.

Talk about your company.

Share with your audience the culture and invite them more into your marketplace. Start a blog series that entails the life of the company employees. Be careful not to brag too much and sound arrogant. Make others jealous and envy your marketplace and become “one of the top companies to work for”. If you have an appealing office with a kitchen or bar, share those photos! Invite friends and families of your employees to visit to share the experience.

Personally, I have visited a few offices with big names such as Cisco, Microsoft, and Airbnb. Each company had its own appeal and certainly loved it. Just being a guest, felt great and I must have told at least 5 of my friends about my visit. Word of mouth is the strongest way to get to an audience and can go a long way.

Company “Swag”.

What is swag? It’s essentially gear such as sweaters, shirts, hats, etc. for your marketplace put their brand logo on and for your employees to wear. It’s simply advertising your brand. Whether it’s your sales team wearing backpacks to a convention or simply your engineering wear a sweater walking down Market St. in San Francisco. These little gifts help make your employees feel apart of your brand and are happy to wear them. Who doesn’t love free stuff?

As you are looking to more ways to boost your marketplace on a small budget, get creative! There are so many other ways to get your brand out there so don’t restrict yourself.

If you are looking for ideas to help your marketplace, send us a tweet @NearMeCo and we would love to help.  


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