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How I Got 3,000% More Retweets on Twitter


Are you interested in crushing content marketing on Twitter? Retweets are important for engagement because they provide social proof that widens the audience for your content. Here’s the tested approach that helped my content get retweeted 3,000% more.


Whether building your personal brand or a multi-million-dollar company, it’s important for your content to be seen by the largest audience possible.


Retweeting validates good content and says, “Hey, check this out! I think it’s pretty cool and I think you’ll like it too!”


So it makes sense that the more retweets a piece of content gets, the more people will believe it’s worth reading and sharing.


Here’s the article I posted just before I began my strategy:


Not terrible! This post has gotten generally more retweets than usual, not to mention likes by sharing economy expert Benita Matofska and Crowd Companies, the collaborative economy council managed by Jeremiah Owyang himself.


Here’s the article I posted when I began my strategy:



Now that's the kind of retweeting that will get content seen by more people. But do retweets equal more reads? Let's see what those numbers mean for the actual reach of the content by looking a bit deeper into the analytics (this is a static snapshot, so it won't necessarily reflect the growing numbers shown above). 




Twitter users are liking and retweeting at a rate much higher than just posting alone. People are also coming to my Twitter account, visiting my website and leaving thoughtful comments to stimulate conversation.


Here’s the breakdown from Hubspot:




As you can see, 559 of the 848 total views came from Twitter, as well as 6 new submissions and 1 new contact (who has since entered our sales funnel).


Now that I’ve shown you how valuable retweets can be for your business, it’s time to show you how to get more retweets.


Here’s the 5-step process I used to increase my retweets by 3,000%.


1. Produce great content.   


The first step to my approach is by far the most important. You can have the best distribution and promotion strategy for your content but if it doesn’t add value to your audience, no one will read or share it.


Be sure to develop content around a topic you’re passionate about. That’s the best way to let your unique voice come through. Try to find the gap in a conversation or connect two ideas in a meaningful way.


Check out 6 Steps to Creating Share-Worthy Content.


2. Pin the tweet to your profile.


Pinning your tweet will make it the first piece of content anyone sees when visiting your profile. This is a great way to highlight your most important or current work. It also shows your audience how many people are engaging with the content.


After publishing, pin to your tweet to the top of your profile. It’ll look like this:





3. Create a Crowdfire account.


Crowdfire is a platform that helps you gain Twitter followers. You can link up to two social media accounts for free, but I suggest purchasing the “Earth” account for $20 per month. It allows you to link up to 5 accounts, 2 team members and removes the Crowdfire branding in your direct messages (which is important to my strategy).


Simply sign in with Twitter and everything will be imported for you. You’ll need to be logged into Twitter to do this.


4. Create an auto direct message with tweet URL.


Begin by copying the link to your pinned tweet, it’ll look like this:




Once you’ve signed into Crowdfire, select “Automate” to build your auto direct message, It’ll look like this:





Use my direct message in the GIF above as a guide. Write your message and paste the link to your pinned tweet at the end. Be personable and communicate the value of your thoughtful content. Allow people to feel like they can contribute to a discussion by adding their feedback. Make sure to ask your followers to retweet your pinned tweet!


The truth is, people don’t like being spammed by marketers on Twitter. So craft your message to avoid seeming spammy.


Here's what the message will look like when your new followers get it: 




I think it's very important to engage with your new Twitter followers, especially if they have agreed to share your content. Even though it's difficult to respond to a lot of direct messages, it has resulted in some great opportunities for me and my companies. 


We've connected with multiple podcast guests and bloggers who have featured us. I was even personally asked to join Huddlin' With The Pros sports talk radio show. This strategy not only helps get retweets, but it helps distribute your content to people who can be very influential in helping you grow. 


5. Follow people who are interested in you industry.


Crowdfire allows you to target accounts that might be interested in following you. Identify users that follow complementary or competitor brands, as well as those using keywords or hashtags that are relevant to your industry.


Accounts that notice you following them are more likely to visit your profile, see your awesome content and follow you back. That’s when they get your direct message.


Here’s how to use the “Copy Followers” function:





You can copy up to 1,000 per day. If you are adding people too quickly, Crowdfire will send you a notification to remind you to slow down.


Here’s how to use the “Keyword Follow” function:






You can type in a relevant keyword or hashtag, and even filter by location. By following targeted accounts, you will increase your chances of getting more followers, which will broaden the reach of your auto direct message.


Check out 7 Secrets to Content Marketing on Twitter.


My strategy has worked for others too!


Don’t just take my word for it! Check out Joel Cesare’s tweet with over 200 retweets since adopting my approach.


Joel says,  "CJ's strategy not only helped me get more social shares but also more engagement on my blog. Surfrider Foundation said that it has been one of their most read pieces of content to date!"


There you have it! Those are the 5 simple steps to getting more retweets on Twitter. Remember, the most important part of social media is being social. To get the most engagement, you really need to view this approach as a way to reach new connections, not as a purely automated system.


How do you use social media to market your content? Leave me a comment below!


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