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How Entrepreneurs Can Implement Social Media

How Entrepreneurs Can Implement Social Media

One of the worse things you can do on your social media accounts is automate messages. Not your daily content postings, but more so human interaction posts. Those automated direct messages we get once we follow someone new, “check this link to my new book” or “look at our new product”.

Why would I want to do something for someone I don’t even know? That has become a major issue with social media with plenty of people just asking but not returning value. Think of social media as a face-to-face interaction, would you just walk up to strangers and immediately ask them for a favor? I don’t believe that is a good business tactic.

As entrepreneurs look to build their network, what better way than social media? While it can be very tedious and time consuming, the benefits are well worth it. Connecting with people from all around the world instead of just restricting yourself to the ones in your city. Check out these 3 ways you can implement a social media strategy from Kimanzi Constable.


You did not just fall into your position overnight. With hard work and experiences, life has shown you many great things. Share your insights with your audience and show leadership within your industry. Let’s take for example, if you are heavy into content marketing. Post content relevant to this industry by sharing books, reviews, and articles that may help those who are starting out in content marketing. Be a voice people look up to and a daily resource.

Providing value to your audience is one of the best things to build your reputation. Think of it as a compliment if someone is asking you questions regarding your posts. This engagement will help build thought leadership with your followers and community.

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I often get messages from users asking “what do you do?”. Clearly these are automated messages or simply lazy people. My twitter bio clearly states what I am doing and asking these questions shows you really do not carem simply trying to generate conversation. Do some research and get a quick read in for your prospective clients or connections. A simple google search can go a long way.

Find out what company they are working for, their position, or simply scroll through their timeline. See what they are posting or sharing. Did they post about a recent experience or vacation they just came from? Spend no more than 5-10 minutes before engaging conversation. Don’t become a “stalker”, simple surface layer research will do. The rest will come once the connection has been made.

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What is the secret to success? The simply isn’t a clear answer. What may work for one marketplace, may not work for your own. Create connections with other entrepreneurs and influencers in your industry. Don’t go asking for favors or answers right away. Establish a relationship by engaging and listening. Genuinely get to know the person and getting to know the right people just may help get the answers you have been seeking.

Will making connections guarantee success? Of course not. You are the one who can determine where you will go and be in the following years. Connections will get you in, but your own drive will be what keeps you in.

Social media is an essential piece of business in today’s world and implementing into your strategy is a must. Take it one day at a time and start building connections and before you know it, people will be looking to your page for leadership.

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