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Draw Millennials to Your Growing Business


Us millennials are always getting a bad rap for the reputation of being entitled or unaware, luckily that stigma is changing and we as a generation are being more understood everyday. Regardless of what you think of Generation X, Y or Z the true of the matter is: WE ARE THE FUTURE.

With this notion in mind, Carolyn Shmunis (@elca22) has three tips to appeal to more millennials and highlights the great aspects of your business:


1. Be Small But, Think Big


We all like a good craft beer or buying locally grown, organic, non-GMO yaddi yadda. This is because millennials appreciate authenticity, we can see through a campaign with no real substance. Millennials are the generation that rank highest in wanting to do activities or pursue careers that make a difference.

For you the small business owner, this is a great thing! Be proud of your small batches and knowing all your customers. There’s a feeling hominess that comes with a company like the one you’ve worked so hard to grow. You’ll be supported by your peers and clients while doing your part in the community.


2. Be Available on All Platforms


There is no other collected group of individuals that are more acquainted with technology (and with means to obtain) than millennials. Shmunis noted that 20% of Millennials are “mobile-only”, this number is sure to increase rapidly.

To make sure you have all your bases covered have a mobile test run on your site and edit any misalignments or cutoffs you may have. A poorly constructed website could mean the loss of a transaction more so than not. Think about having Wi-Fi available for your customers, it’s the little things that make you memorable! There are apps like Perka or Five Stars that act like online stamp cards that help keep track of customers transactions. You can even add rewards to bring in return customers.


3. Talk to Your Fans!


Lastly, engage with your followers on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter or whatever your company is using. Interacting is great with a smaller business, you can really get to understand your clientele and ultimately help you help them.

Social media is easily looked over but initiating conversation or responding to your clients and customers can be the thing that sets you apart. This is when the ball can be in your court. Show your customers how you handle an angry customer or take a poll on what the audience likes. The possibilities of utilizing social media are really endless. Understand which platforms suit your target market the best, it’s better to have your main platforms rather than getting a piece of all the options.

Millennials are finding their voice so this is your chance to take the stage and take the next step to enriching your business.

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