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Defying Twitter “Best practices”


It all started a few months ago when I started actively using Twitter my main source of networking and helping grow the business here at @NearMeCo. I have increased my daily usage on Twitter and the interactions I have encountered are for the most part very helpful. As a Marketing Intern, I am constantly looking to learn new tips or secrets to help expand my knowledge as I enter the business world. Fortunate for me with the help of the great social media tool @Crowdfire, I have been able to incorporate an automated direct message (DM) to all my new followers. Now before you go criticizing how that is defying Twitter “best practices,” here are 3 reasons why it has been so successful for my personal account.

Increased interaction

Twitter users love interaction but can get overwhelmed when one has tens of thousands of followers. One could be spending a full 8 hour work shift simply tweeting or direct messaging every new follower. With being a full time student along with my internship, it is tough to balance everything on one plate. With incorporating my auto DM, I am able to interact with those who are actually more active users of Twitter and not just those who are looking for new followers. As a DM is sent out, I am able to reach out to every new follower to simple spark an interaction. If I do not get a response, then I have at least tried to spark something. When I do get a response, it is great as I am able to have a conversation with someone completely new and probably would not have been speaking with if the direct message was not sent out. Here is an example of my auto DM that I have set up.




Gaining knowledge

With being a college student, I am constantly looking to learn new things and try to get a boost to jump start my career. College curriculum does not necessarily cover all the basis for Marketing, especially when it comes to social media marketing. As I continue to follow more thought leaders or company pages such as @DanielnewmanUV, @GuyKawasaki, @Sproutsocial, or @socialmedia2day I am able to expand my knowledge to another level. While there are many other great users as well, the auto DM has helped connect on another level by gaining new resources and tips to help with my marketing efforts. There are tons of places to learn from and it is great the Twitter community is sharing. Here is an example that I have encountered that I now use these websites or keep up with latest news or trends.




New connections

Twitter is filled with potential connections! No matter what industry you are in, there are thousands of others who may be interested in your marketplace. Creating new connections is what business is all about. Don’t have that mindset that every new follower is someone to sell to. Be genuine and creating a longer relationship is much more important than a one time sale. Connect and reach out to others who are in the same industry, same interests, or even people you have been engaging with. The great thing about Twitter is that you can connect with anyone really. Establishing new connections can help your marketplace succeed in the long run and as your network is gaining credibility and potentially be the go to for people’s needs. From my personal account, I like to connect with those are in the business industry but more particular in marketing and social media. While I have met many other great people on Twitter as well, keep your options open and don’t be afraid to spark conversations. Join conversations, tweet to thought leaders, and respond to tweets from your followers.

Now the success rate may differ between your personal and company accounts, just be sure to be genuine with your followers. There is no secret people do not have automated tweets or posts, simply because of other obligations or priorities. The important thing is to just respond to your DM’s or tweets that you have been mentioned in to acknowledge and show that you are not just a robot. While Twitter can be a great tool in your marketing strategy, it can also hurt if not monitored correctly. Go out and increase your interaction, gain new knowledge, and build your new connections! If you have any questions or need any tips, feel free to comment in the segment below!

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