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What is Your Business Strategy?

What is an essential part of the the success of a company? Strategy. Companies that fail to have a clear strategy are more inclined to fail when executing their plans.

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Topics: Start-ups, Business

The Buyer’s Journey to Making A Purchase

Understanding the path a consumer follows when it comes to buying a product or service is not an A to B situation. There are many factors that are constantly changing the way consumers are spending their money.

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Topics: Entrepreneur, Business, eCommerce

What Is Your Company’s Core Competency?

All successful companies are known for something: Airbnb for rental homes, Apple for electronics and Honda for cars. A company’s end product is what consumers and stakeholders focus on but it is not usually a core competency.

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Topics: Entrepreneur, Start-ups, Business

Influential Quotes On Success and Failure

Achieving your goal is not a straight line to success. It’s filled with dips and back steps that act as lessons to learn from. Here are 20 quotes to pick you up when you feel like you’re hitting those dips:

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Topics: Marketplace, Start-ups

Your Vision is The Key to Success

Many companies spring up all the time but what makes some successful while the other falter? It’s believed that a company that has a clear vision and mission tends to be more successful because they know exactly where they want to go.

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Topics: Business

3 Keys to Landing Your Investment

Getting your feet off the ground when starting a new business is difficult to say the least. The biggest concern for any entrepreneur is where they will be getting their funds, no money no execution.

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Topics: Funding

Draw Millennials to Your Growing Business

Us millennials are always getting a bad rap for the reputation of being entitled or unaware, luckily that stigma is changing and we as a generation are being more understood everyday. Regardless of what you think of Generation X, Y or Z the true of the matter is: WE ARE THE FUTURE.

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Topics: Business

Is Your Sales and Marketing Team Actually a Team?

Sales and marketing has always been a combination that’s worked closely together. Many teams deal with similar clients and of course have the same ultimate goal, lockdown the client.

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Topics: Marketing, Sales

5 Tips For Your First Business

Being a first time business owner or sprouting entrepreneur gives comes with many lessons to learn on the path to success. You find that there are so many details to consider, you want to open an online store you need to figure out the cost, the design, the perfect timeline, etc… All of these decisions umbrella dozens of others. If you have an idea for a business, check this out!

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Topics: Business


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