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7 Steps to Simpler Content Marketing

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Content marketing drives higher conversion rates and generates more than three times as many leads as outbound marketing. But it takes a lot of time and energy to produce high-value content. Here are 7 ways to save time, energy and money on your content marketing strategy in 2017.

1. Captivating personality


Have you found your voice? When you write with a clear and consistent tone, it helps to humanize your business. Readers will begin to form a relationship with you, even if they have never met you. When you add personality and soul to your content, it becomes much more emotionally engaging to your audience. People will want to read, watch and listen. 


2. Clear personas


Think about the demographics of your target audience. Creating a clear persona narrows down who you will be creating content for and help you craft it in a way that you audience will receive well. By understanding your reader, you will be able to create content that will serve their needs. Each time your content helps your audience gain perspective, confidence and progress, your brand becomes a bit more important to them.


3. Precise content


Do you understand which contented resonates with your audience? Consistently surveying the success of your content can give you insight into which type of content to produce at different stages of the buying cycle. Understand how and when your audience prefers to receive information, and you'll deliver value while boosting your ROI.


4. Concise placement


Focus on finding two or three primary platforms to place your content. Where you decide to host and distribute your content can directly affect traffic, leads and ROI. Products and services inherently resonate with some communities and don't with others. LinkedIn users may really engage with your computer software podcast, but no one ever listens to it when you promote it on Facebook. Constantly track the metrics on each channel and factor that into your distribution strategy.


5. Consistent promotion


The key to more views, clicks and conversions is frequent and consistent promotion. Creating a schedule for promoting your content is just as important as a schedule for producing. Once you've found the right channels to distribute your content on, you'll want to track optimal times and stick to a plan. It’s easy to get caught up in prospecting for new traffic and leads, but it's more profitable to serve your current email and social-media communities. 


6. Collaborative planning


Taking time to plan strategically is indispensable, but overthinking during the planning stage can needlessly delay action and lead to missed opportunities. Finding your balance and rhythm can be easier with a team to keep you focused, not to mention help spread the load. Secure a trustworthy team and come up with a plan to hold yourselves accountable.


7. Calculated production


Unless you have a system for tracking and measuring your content, even the most well thought out strategy can fail miserably. Every business is different, every audience is special, and new technologies mean the marketplace is a dynamic one. Testing what works and what doesn't can help you replicate the good and never make the same mistake twice.


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