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5 Ways to Increase Your Social Media Following


Are you having trouble with your social media? All the hard work and hours to create new content but not seeing the results? Well @jaysondemers from @Entrepeneur is here to share 5 ways to increase your social media following. Be sure to have your notepads out as these are great to incorporate into your social media strategy.

High-quality content


Give people a reason to follow you or continue to follow you. Unless you are a celebrity or a famous athlete, social media followers will not just come without providing “high-quality” content. This is crucial to not only gain new followers, but also to keep them. Whether you are using your social media page to entertain people or provide news, be sure to keep it relevant and consistent.

As you establish a schedule and decide what platforms to post your content on, your audience will become more accustomed to the schedule as well. They will look forward to seeing your tweet or facebook post as you post daily, weekly, or even monthly. Keep in mind your audience and test what they like and don’t like. Adjust your content as needed.

Reach out

“Social media” got its name just for that reason. Go out and be social! Reach out to new people, interact with those whom you normally would not. That is the great thing about social media, it can give you the opportunity to reach out to big name influencers or even people around the world. Engage in public conversation as well to help increase your visibility.

Think of your social media accounts as an extension of yourself. The image you portray is a direction reflection of your character and your business as well. Be more friendly and give that human element approach to your audience.


Millions of people are on Twitter and you can jump in at any moment. As you follow people within your niche, don’t be afraid to contribute as well. Seek conversations of those who engage in trending topics and use the search feature to help with that.

Remember, as you are working on establishing credibility within your industry to voice your opinion. Be confident with your answers and become a vocal leader. As you continue to increase your social footprint, you will gain a new audience along the way. It’s a win-win situation.

Work with influencers

This can have one of the biggest impacts on your social media following. Influencers have a network that can access thousands if not hundreds of thousands of followers. That is a huge audience and network that whom you yourself may not have access to. Collaborating with the right influencer and creating the content, may be just the key for your marketplace to take off.

To have access to your followers, an influencer will help increase your chances of being heard or noticed in your respected industries. Reach out to multiple influencers to see if you hear something back from them and you may be surprised on how many are willing to help out.

Be rewarding

While your social media pages are meant to highlight and show what your marketplace can do, don’t forget about your audience members. Reward them by giving a special shoutout, or highlight work they have done as well. It’s a great feeling knowing someone has acknowledged your work and is sharing with their own network.

Whether it is giving a promo discount or even just a simple Instagram post highlight a fellow follower, these are both very effective ways to do it. Get creative and more importantly have fun with it. Respond to your network as well as comments, tweets, and other ways that account is reached out by.

As you implement these tips into your marketing strategy, take notes. Keep track of what is working and what isn’t. This is not meant to be an instant cheat sheet to gaining followers but more so a how-to guide. Have questions on how we have implemented this into our own strategy?

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