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5 Ways to Increase Leads for your Ecommerce Company


How does your company currently get leads? Are you tracking them or just relying on word-of-mouth? Although that can be a very effective way, it is  not the only one. In a recent article published in Entrepreneur, Thomas Sale discusses 5 ways to increase leads for your Ecommerce company.


When we are not sure or curious about something, we often hear “Google it.” Google then generates its top search results but how does it know which websites to bring up? That is where search-engine optimization comes into play. The key is to increase your visibility and gain more traffic to your website. Concentrating and investing in content marketing will greatly boost your SEO but more importantly attract more quality leads. Not everyone will be a yes to your marketplace offerings immediately but by producing credible content, you can build trust and value that may come in handy later down the line.


This is still one of the strongest ways to capture and nurture leads. A great way to do this is by enticing your visitors with a free product such as a webinar or ebook in exchange for an email address. If you get new sign ups, this will start your lead process in the right direction and see where they are in the buyer's journey process or if they are just simply looking for information. Experiment with different email campaigns to see what works with methods such as A/B testing or pop-ups but be sure to keep track of the data.

Home Page Optimization

First impressions are huge, especially if you are looking to gain new customers for your marketplace. Visuals are very important but also convenient. People do not like to search around looking for the different tabs such as navigation, products, signup forms etc. Having a simple, yet attractive home page will keep visitors engaged to explore around. If they can’t find what they are looking for, you essentially have lost a potential customer. Put yourself in their shoes when optimizing your homepage to understand what works and what doesn’t.


A very powerful and effective form of marketing that can make or break your marketplace. There is no way to control what people say but you can help persuade them in a more positive direction with your product or experiences. It is very common for people to go around and talk about places or products they have encountered especially with social media being on such a large scale. It is important to provide customers with excellent customer service to empower their decisions to speak highly of your marketplace. Offer discounts or incentives to those who refer their friends as a reward. This will create a positive buzz and drive traffic up.

PPC and Social Media

Advertising and marketing are keys to establishing your marketplace, especially in the startup phase. After establishing your emails and homepage, use social media to help leverage and incorporate your marketing strategy. Consider using pay-per-click advertising such as Facebook or Twitter to increase your marketplace visibility. Get creative with your ads with different images and videos displaying your marketplace to give customers a little taste of what you have to offer. It may not come at a cheap price but can potentially offer a high ROI. Your first ads more than likely will not be successful but don’t be discouraged. Continue to experiment and keep note of what works and run with it.

Now that you have learned some new ways to generate leads, be sure to incorporate these into your marketplace. These simple yet effective ways are something every business should incorporate whether ecommerce or not. With technology driving the world, it is time to hop on the bus if you have not already!  

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