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5 M’s for your Media Mix


Increasing awareness for your business can be tough, especially when you don’t know where to start. With various types of marketing tactics, here are the 5 M’s to keep in mind for your media mix.


Who is your target market? Once you’ve established your market, dig deeper and find out who your audience is. For example, are you looking to target young entrepreneurs in their 20s, living in the San Francisco Bay Area, and in the tech industry? Establishing a specific market will help increase your chances with your marketplace and potential clients.


What is your reach and frequency? More importantly, how effective is it? Do you have an established audience for your content to be viewed or shared with? Are you making an impression on your audience? These are all very important questions to think about when creating your content. Without an audience or cliental base, there is no marketplace.


What kind of budget is set aside? Keep in mind the size of your marketplace. For startups and small businesses, there is no need to set a huge budget aside. Keep in mind those you are trying to target and the scope of that audience to allocate the appropriate amount of money.


When are you scheduling your content or do you even have a schedule? While automation is not necessarily a good thing, it isn’t a bad idea to have things lined up and ready to go. Whether it is images, blogs, or tweets, have a set schedule to abide by in order to help the marketing process operate more smoothly.


Which media outlets will you be using? One of the fastest growing outlets is social media and the best part is that it’s free! Depending on your marketplace, certain platforms will work better than others but a good start would be with Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. E-mail campaigns are also a great way to reach your target audience. If your company is large enough and has the budget then you may want to look into television, radio, and newspaper as well.

With creating the 5 M’s, it will help narrow down your marketing and have a better understanding of what is trying to be accomplished. Keep in mind the main objectives when creating your media mix and it will fall in from there.

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