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5 Hacks to Social Media Rebranding

5 Hacks to Social Media Rebranding

Building a social media reputation for yourself is hard enough as it is. Add re-branding to the picture and you have got a lot of work to do. Your social media platforms have been pushing one way but if you’ve made a recent decision to rebrand or are currently considering it make sure you are making the right moves to stay ahead. Jimmy Rohampton has five hacks to share to help create a fluid transition.

1. Your USP

This is something your company should already know. Your unique selling proposition (USP) is what makes you stand out in a sea of competitors. Some great USPs are being eco-friendly, design and quality of product. Identify yours and incorporate that in your new branding.

Share content that aligns with your new brand values. It may be a rough start so open up the conversation with your consumers to get some feedback.

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2. Question your decision

This sounds counterproductive but hear me out. Completely renaming a business has a lot of risk so make sure you do some research. If the name you want to take on is not available you may want to reconsider. Also you want to think about the effects a new name may have or if it could misguide potential clients.

Social media may have its limitations as well if you want to change your handle. So yes make sure you are thinking of all the potential faults before sealing the deal.

3. Consistency is key

This may be the most crucial point or many things can go wrong. You may confuse your followers or even lose leads altogether. The rebrand will take months of planning but on the day you make the switch it must be swift. If you have some loyal people following you in Facebook, Instagram and Twitter then make it known to avoid misconceptions of maybe being hacked or selling your account. For tips to using Facebook and Twitter analytics read this.

This may be a fun point! You can put together a nice color scheme or theme for your platforms to reach out to new potential customers.

4. Get a head start

Rebranding for your customers is like weining off anything, you need to transition and make it like you’re telling a child you are moving. First you tell them directly and maybe have a fun visit to the new school. Like a field trip you can post a public letter explaining when and why, always remember to show appreciation for them thus far.

Informing your customers about your rebranding helps you keep them and makes them feel included in your decisions.

5. Expect confusion

Of course there is going to be a little bit of confusion no matter how much you prepare. To be ready for this have your social media team on standby, ready to answer questions, and watch the changes in your platform. Prepare a list of FAQ you may run into to make things more efficient and most importantly be happy and confident about your decision!

Rebranding seems like a daunting thing, which it is. But hopefully this helps! Good luck! 

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