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4 Tips To Better Facebook Marketing


Facebook is the umbrella that essentially covers the rest of social media. It’s hard to find an app that doesn’t have the “Connect with Facebook” option that makes logging in much quicker. The everyday user has an enormous amount of access, you can see that James is engaged and Lisa is on her third Sunday brunch this month. Aside from the social aspect Facebook has become a hive for buying, selling and advertisement. There is a great amount of potential an entrepreneur has if they can find the right strategy to use this platform.

Facebook must be approached cunningly to make your content stand out from the never ending timeline updates. Yael Warman has a couple tips to really make your Facebook page exceed your expectations:

Represent your brand to the fullest and truest extent

Showing your brand does not mean self-promoting in every single post. This will lead to followers feeling pressured and uninformed. Balance things out with informative snippets like quick “How To’s” if you’re into make-up or a hack for everyday cleaning. A little humor never hurt either! Memes are attention grabbing and can increase the shares on your page. Think about what your customers could have problems with and try to teach them something, this can build trust between your brand and client. Your business is an entity and your page visitors should be able to connect with what you are publicizing.

Everything in Moderation

This may make some of your feel uneasy but spamming is not a great look for a company. Of course you want to get your word out but like constant self-promotion, this can make your followers unfavorable. Studies show that posting on Facebook five times a day is the optimal amount for an average day of traffic.

Listen to your customers

One of the best benefits of using Facebook or any other social media is the quick response you can get. It’s always good to hear what your customers are saying whether it’s good or bad. You can also show your personality through your responses and get your audience engaged.

A quicker response rate leads to more communication for you to learn about what’s working and what’s not.

If you choose to ignore comments, this can backfire with negative commenters running the thread. Reaching out gives you a chance to defend yourself and show that you are taking your client’s words to consideration.

Try something new!

Putting a marketing plan together is very time consuming and it may be hard to stray from something that works perfectly fine but demographics are always changing on social media so it’s good to experiment. Short blogs are attractive but the new trend of short videos may be a project to try out and see how it performs. Try posting at different times or new topics to post about, possibilities are endless.

These are a few things you can try out but of course keep things organized and easily navigated. A good picture and banner could be what attracts new potential leads to you! Happy posting!

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