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4 Powerful Tips to Help Build Your Marketplace


Are you looking to start your own business and become a young entrepreneur? Well you’re not the only one out there. Competition can get very tough but for this young 26 year old, @samovernsnz was able to build a $10 million Consulting Business. Check out these 4 tips he has learned from his experiences for entrepreneurs all around the world.

Build Your Personal Brand 

Building your personal brand first will help establish credibility. No one wants to do business with someone who has no previous customers or referrals from credible sources. As bad as it is, without a recognizable brand you simply will get the short end of the stick. 

As you build your personal brand, you are building connections along the way. Increasing your reach to new potential clients will help spread the word. Keep in mind not all customers may need your services immediately, but possibly down the road. Try to be active in the community, especially on social media. Make your voice be known and build your presence within.

“If people know and trust you and your personal brand, they’re more likely to trust your new business.” - Sam Ovens


Starting a new business can be quite scary, especially if you don’t have established customers. Well in some cases, that actually may not be true as your circle may be bigger than you think. A good place to start is with your network of friends as they may need your services or know someone else who does. Once you have done that, look to your family as well. Now you may be thinking it is bad to mix business with family but they have a whole network you may be able to tap into. You are much more likely to gain someone's trust through a friend or family than a stranger that walks into your store or signs up online. Having to ask friends and family will also give you the honest and brutal feedback you may need to improve your business.

Keep Learning 

It’s really scary to think that we must keep learning something new but it’s also great. Industries are constantly changing and nothing lasts forever. Regardless of what industry you are in, new learnings must be made to keep up with the trends. Information is easier than ever to reach with a simple Google search but can also be your worst enemy. As information is so easily accessible, competition gets tougher and your services may simply not be needed anymore.

As Marketing Lead, I am constantly reading and learning new things every day. To stay up to date with the latest trends and articles is very time consuming but is a must. No matter which industry you are in, new articles and news are published on a daily basis. Subscribe to well known websites to get updates on what is going on in your industry. Make it a habit to read a few articles a day and soon enough, it will become second nature.

Don’t Fear Rejection 

Nobody likes to be rejected. It’s a terrible feeling but what happens if we embrace it? Facing our fears is a scary thought but helps us grow out of our comfort zone. Life is all about growth and facing fears such as rejection can be very beneficial. If you never know what rejection feels like, how can you learn from it? Embracing rejection will teach you something new about yourself but more importantly make you stronger as a person.

Whether you are an entrepreneur or a fresh college graduate like myself, be prepared to face rejection. I honestly was scared to apply for internships and jobs as I feared rejection. Once I finally got over that fear, I landed an internship and within 1 year, a position within the company. You will never know what you can overcome without facing the rejection. I’m certainly glad I got over that fear sooner than later.

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