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3 Ways to Help Boost your Content Marketing strategy


As a millennial, I look to find businesses that add value to my experience but also genuinely care about their customers. How can they do that? The answer is Content Marketing. Creating a plethora of content with knowledgeable blogs, free ebooks, white papers, etc. shows to me a business wants to succeed.


While that is a lot of work to handle, that is where your content marketers come into play! Here are 3 ways I have learned that can help boost your Content Marketing strategy.


Gather a team


Many companies have yet to find the importance of content marketing and are solely depending on their outbound styles. While yes that is one method, but people are getting smarter with their purchasing decisions. Gathering a team of inspiring writers can help increase your reach as articles get shared through various networks. More importantly it creates engagement and establishes an audience. As a content marketer, it’s a great feeling knowing your work is being view by hundreds if not thousands of people.


Don’t go out hiring the first person you may think fits the job on paper. Take your time with finding the right fit person or people for your team. This may take days and in some cases months to do. Have multiple interviews and invite the interviewee into the office to meet the rest of the team. Value your team’s feedback on whether they feel they are the right fit or not. If they can’t get along, then you are just wasting your time.




Nothing is wrong with getting a little help! If your marketing strategy is solely based on content, you better have some ready to crank out then. Don’t be shy to use companies such as WriterAccess to supplement your blog writing. We even use a few here at Near Me (What Outsourcing Services do we use at Near Me?). Producing content to post on a daily basis can be very time consuming, especially if you are a startup. Costs can rise hiring multiple writers, things don’t run as planned, and emergencies happen as well. It is always good to have blog and content in the backburner for instances just as those.


Hire intern(s)


While you may think they might not be capable of producing quality content or do not have the skills, that is the beauty of an intern! You expose their weaknesses and you can help them flourish. I started out as an intern with zero blog experience but have learned simply be doing and reading. Interns are all ears and have an eagerness to learn that has been in the industry for 5+ years simply may not have. Not to mention many students now graduate with large amounts of debt due to loans. I know that was a motivating factor for me.


Assigning interns to write blogs whether they are original or curated, can help take the load off the rest of the marketing team. With startups, employees can spread very thin with multiple tasks and blog writing can take up quite a bit of time. Distributing the workload within your interns can increase your content supply and keep the rest of your marketing happy as well.


As your content marketing continues to improve, share with us! Tweet @NearMeCo to share what has been working or what has not. We are all ears and just a message away!


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