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3 Tips to Jumpstart Your Account-Based Marketing

3 Tips to Jumpstart Your Account-Based Marketing

Account-based marketing (ABM) or, “smarketing” is an often overlooked method of maintaining or generating leads. Like many subtleties in the world they are overlooked. Falon Fatemi at Forbes uses an example of the marketing and sales team as neighbors.

These neighbors are living and working right next door to each other saying their “Good morning’s” and “How are you’s”. It’s great to have that foundation but they don’t know is how they can help one another. Neighbor A may know a guy to help with Neighbor B’s pest problem in their front yard. Neighbor B has the tools to help fix the pipe issue in Neighbor A’s kitchen.

Without getting to know each other their lives are made a little more difficult. It’s the same with sales and marketing. The two departments are so closely intersected as one influences or changes the other. Getting to know the responsibilities of one isn’t going to take a crash course. It’s a continuous interaction to truly utilize ABM.

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Initiate the Conversation

A company can put the sales and marketing team right next to each other and they would still be focused on their specific tasks. It’s going to be a little confusing and uncomfortable in the beginning but with a little conversation and time, a solid connection is built.

To make the initial interaction less awkward, try to bring up a general topic or goal the two may share. Maybe how to increase leads, if the CTAs are successful, or what to change. These general topics will spark conversation and soon enough you’ll have a hybrid team that’s driving your company forward.

Joining Forces

Sales and marketing teams don’t always get along either. If your company is working this way try to utilize sales enablement softwares. Usually one team doesn’t know what information to give to the other and the other team doesn’t know how to communicate what they need. Using a sales enablement tool helps the sales team track how they are doing and what the client needs which in turn can be relayed back to the marketing team for a more efficient strategy.

Another way to join forces is by creating an environment that fun while working. Try scheduling weekly meetings or have an open-door policy, this will create transparency and your customers will notice. This little method can help you increase traffic to your marketplace platform.

You as the facilitator of these interactions will have done your job, facilitate. It’s what the sales and marketing team do after that will work out in the end. Trusting your teams will reduce your stress level and empower the smarketing.

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