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3 Things You Can Learn From Rio 2016 Olympics


The 2016 Rio Olympics is a symbol of hard work paying off. These athletes dedicate their lives to thier craft and give it their all. Imagine if we spent at least half that time to our jobs? Check out these 3 things really anybody can learn from the Olympics.

Trust the process

While I am not even close to becoming an Olympian, I can see how much trust they have in the process. These athletes dedicate their whole lives to training and staying in shape to shine on one of the biggest stages in the world. There are many times I come across life and ask myself is it really worth it and question why I am doing something. I can only imagine the thoughts that come across these athletes minds and becoming discouraged when things are not going their way. From the beginning, they set a goal in mind which is to win a gold medal and do whatever it takes to make it happen. With hard work and the right coaching only part of the equation to achieving the dream, it’s definitely a difficult road.

Whether you are an entrepreneur or a recent college graduate like me, trusting the process is something we are all taught. Everyone has bumps along the road but having an end goal or vision in mind helps us get through it. Growing up my parents taught me to believe in myself and follow your passions in life and everything will put itself into place. I admit I was scared and still am scared. I have been trusting the process my whole life and it has made me who I am today. While we may lose faith at times, trust the process and be happy with yourselves.

Dedication and Patience

Dreams or goals do not simply just happen overnight. If that was the case, everyone would be achieving their dreams and having the life they desire. In reality, many of us struggle on the day to day grind just to make a living. Olympic athletes are on a whole different level when it comes to dedication and patience. They are competing to become one of the best in their respective sport out of the billions of people on this planet. It truly is amazing the amount of preparation and dedication that these athletes put themselves through to compete and do something that they love. While some may have been born with more gifted talent than others, their patience to become one of the best has brought them where they are today. They worked strenuously on a daily basis to and at one point were just an average joe. The dedication put towards to perfecting their craft is uncomparable.

After going to school for almost 15+ years, I always thought is this ever going to end? While college was optional but for me, I knew there was no other choice. I wanted help better my future and gain as much knowledge as possible. No one in my family finished college, they came close but never completed. For me, that helped drive my dedication to achieve my ultimate goal of being a college graduate. While one of my goals were not on the scale to becoming an olympian, having a goal in mind can help keep you patience to cherish the moment.

Enjoy every minute

Prior to their events, you can see how focused each athlete really is. A prime example is Michael Phelps prior to his races. The man has is completely dialed in and does not take any distractions. The famous image below was prior to his 200-meter butterfly semifinal race. As Chad le Clos, South Africa’s swimmer beat Phelps back in 2012, warms up and shadowboxed in front of him. Phelps face says it all. The now 22-time gold medal winner is all focus prior to his races but when he finishes the race you can see the pure joy and happiness in him. All the sacrifices and training for countless hours just to live in that moment of achieving a gold medal but more importantly representing your country. The man is truly remarkable.

We often get so caught with working and trying to have enough cash flow to pay our bills, that we fail to enjoy ourselves. That doesn’t necessarily mean going on vacation or going out to bars but simply the our day to day activities. Working a 9-5 or in most cases 10-12 hour work days that job can get very repetitive that we are simply going through the motions and exhausted by the time we get home. Enjoy every minute of your job, even the little things you experience on a daily basis. Celebrate the new promotion you got or that big project you finished after spending months on. The end results make the daily grind that much more rewarding.

To make it to the Olympics alone is a huge accomplishment, but the satisfaction to obtaining a gold medal is even greater. While our typical lives are not magnified like the Olympics, we have many obstacles along the road and with these 3 traits, it can help keep your mind on track. Is there anything else you have learned from Rio 2016 Olympics? Please share with us by commenting below!


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