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10 Ways To Improve Customer Experience For Online Shoppers


When it comes to online shopping, the competition has never been fiercer. That's why you need to be on your toes and keep improving the shopping experience for your customers. If you're looking for an edge, read this guide. There's ten tricks that will help you keep them coming back.

  1. Make the checkout process as simple as possible

Customers don't want to be wading through page after page just to complete their order. It's time consuming and annoying. Instead, simplify the process and get it down to two or three pages. The shorter the checkout process, the happier they will be.

  1. Personalise your emails

Think about the emails you're sending your customers. Make them friendly, show excitement for them shopping with you, and personalise them. It makes them feel as though you're paying extra attention to their order, and let's be honest, who doesn't want that?

  1. Have product reviews written for you

Customers trust other customers. That's why so many online stores feature reviews from other customers. If you're a new store or have new products though, you won't have many reviews. That's why it's a good idea to get professional writers to create some reviews for you. Try the writers at Essayroo or UK Writings to get the job done.

  1. Welcome customers back

A customer may look at your site if they're thinking about buying. If they come back later, have a message welcome them back when they open your store back up. Show you value their custom.

  1. Don't forget your mobile users

There's a huge percentage of shoppers that will only visit your store through their mobiles. Don't forget them in your site design. Make the site mobile friendly, and offer bigger buttons so they can navigate with ease. You're much more likely to make a sale if you do so.

  1. Proofread all online content with online tools

All of your online content needs to be proofread before it goes online. That includes product descriptions, landing page content, and anything else that may show up on your website. If you're struggling to do it yourself, there's lots of help available. Try using online tools such as Slick Write or Easy Word Count to get it done. You can contact professional writers like those at Boom Essays to do it too.

  1. Offer recommendations

If the customer has browsed or ordered with you in the past, you can set up your site so it can recommend other products to them. Doing so shows you're taking an interest in them, and that you know what they may like. You can make more sales this way as you're showing the customer items they may not have considered yet.

  1. Offer free returns

Online shopping can be fraught, as you don't always know the product will be right for you. If the customer finds the item doesn't fit or isn't suitable, give them the option to return it for free.

  1. Check and improve your grammar

Poor grammar is where most websites fall down. If the grammar isn't right on your store, then customers may not trust what you have to say. Improve yours by using online grammar guides such as those at Academized and Australian Help.

  1. Give them all the details

The customer wants to have all the information before they buy something. Give them everything they need before they buy. They'll feel that they can then make an informed choice.

These ten tips will help you improve the customer experience and really get the most out of every sale.

Mary Walton is a professional editor at BigAssignments. She helps various businesses with building content marketing strategies and increasing revenue via email marketing. Read Mary's blog here. And follow her on Twitter!


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